IUP Valladolid program

50 Years of programs in 2012!

The IUP Valladolid program started in 1963, and in May, when the current group finished, they were the 50th class to do so -  certainly the program nust have been one of the first of its kind and  one of the longest continually running foreign study programs in Spain.  Some of us celebrated by visiting Valladolid  from July 24th until August 1st.  2012. In the Articles section, you wll find  a copy of the speech that Dr. Peter Broad gave in the "Clausura" of the summer session.

If you have not been back to Valladolid in years, you will surely find it changed. Although it was somewhat backward in the 60s, it certainly has taken a giant step forward.  The city is vibrant and beautiful, boasting all the modern conveniences, international restaurants and fast foods (did they need that?) and charming parks and plazas.  Was it better when it seemed trapped in the middle ages?  Who can say?

 Sign in as a member - we will not share information.  Please also send an email to the  address below and tell us what year you studied in Valladolid  and feel free to write you news or comments and questions in the appropriate areas.  On the forum post, Leonard started a discussion about favorite things in Valladolid.  In the photo section you will find some photos from our trips in 2006 and 2009 and many from 2012.  Enjoy!

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Following our policy of traveling to Valladolid every 3 years (2006, 2009, 2012), a small group will be flying to Madrid on July 12th, meeting there on the 13th, and going by rental car a few days later to Valladolid.  For this reunion, we have not sent out notices because, unlike the previous ones, we have not made plans beforehand and plan to relax and do it by ear.  The 2012 reunion, as described above, was a very organized one as we were celebrating 50 years of programs between IUP and The Universidad de Valladolid.  If you are interested, please email us at the above email.